Listed below are the slides that I had to complete for my senior year Merchandising Application class.  We were challenged, at the beginning of the semester, to create our own business from scratch with a group.  We completed details that ranged from sourcing materials, to data analysis and manipulation for use in marketing campaigns.  The first couple of slides sum up our efforts in analyzing the local target markets (Bentonville, AR) for our athleisure brand F.I.T, and compare our stance to other local competitors.  The next few slides encompass all of the store design and location components, and window displays.  In terms of marketing, we created a promotional plan that accounted for the next 6 months of activity.  It included different themes per month, any finances needed to complete the campaigns, and what offers our business would give back to the customers!  Finally, we were challenged to create a budget when comparing prices of wholesale goods, and track our final numbers in a 6-month buying plan document, and a profit and loss statement.  Not included in this presentation were other documents we had to compose including Employee Handbook, Employee Benefits, Size Chart Offered, and Return Policy.