STYLE HACK: from work day to the weekend.

Blazer Babe 101.

how to style like it’s your job 😉

So!! ever since I graduated from college and have become an adult (plz send help, I have no fucking clue what I’m doing…), my style has become a lot more “badass business woman-esque”.  Honestly, I don’t think graduating had anything to do with it really, I just like to blame everything on this new chapter in my life, because I’m secretly in denial. STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS.  I’ve actually always had a love for masculine (I had to google how to spell that, so who tf gave me a diploma??) style on women, and now that I wear blazers to work like an adult, that love has grown immense amounts.  With that being said, today I’m going to show y’all one of my fav outfits that can be transitioned from work day professional to a weekend night out!  All you need is a blazer 😉

The classic “business professional” outfit turns night out queen with just a few easy swaps!  First, I changed out regular black tailored pants for some messy cut-offs to make the blazer waaaayyy more casual, and show a tad more skin;).  Now, you could stop there and still be ready to go, but one thing I learned in college is go big or go home right?!! (honestly that was a rule with drinking, but it can be applicable here too), so I swapped out my workday blouse that I would normally wear for a funky bandeau!  Finally, to accessorize–MY FAV PART.  I swear I can make your fav Target pjs look like Moschino’s next runway show with my accessorizing habits!!  Fun jewels ✔ Big-ass earrings ✔ Comfy shoes that are still fab ✔

Tagged below are some similar pieces, so you can shop this outfit and add it to your closet!  You can also follow me on Shop Style Collective–there I tag all my outfits, so they are easier and more convenient to shop!  Click HERE to follow🙂

Cheers to the weekend friends!! (oh wait, it’s only Tuesday…) Talk to y’all later 😘

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